about-usArmarium – from the rich Latin – is where the precious gems are kept..

Louis XIV called his, the cabinet of curiosities, accessed only by the rear door of the Abundance salon, where the king received his distinguished guests. After enjoying soirées with sumptous buffets and coffee, the guest would have the priviledge to walk through the antichamber, to the vault where all the gems, medals, and silverware were kept: the Armarium..

Armarium’s boutique serves as a display of fine creations with a view on the atelier of talented craftsmen. Established by Samer Kasermilli, whose own fingers are dipped in gold since 1975, and is the creator of Al Finiqi jewelers. His son Fadi also pursuing his lofty ambition for the business, is fully involved in the whole spectrum.

‘A successful vision is always panoramic’ says Kasermalli. At Armarium, you will find a wide selection of contemporary designs in gold, diamonds and precious stones. The new season’s collection is out and the Atelier is buzzing with next season’s creations.

About Armarium